Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Desk arrangements

At the beginning of the year I like to arrange students in what I call a "U shape".  This has every student sitting next to a partner and has the most number of students with desks facing the front of the room.  Here is an example:

(You can also see the pencil cups in action that I posted a picture of not too long ago).

It doesn't take long before I make some changes.  Who knew that a few students were best friends outside of school or which students are not good role models for each other??  

As the year goes on I actually survey students to see if they prefer to have their desks arranged in a table,  U shape or row.   Usually they are honest with how they learn best and I honor their request.

How do you arrange your desks  or tables?


lvrana said...

I prefer to arrange in groups of 4-6. I am not a fan of rows unless it is state testing time. Whatever works...I have to change it up as needed. :)

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