Sunday, July 10, 2011


This year is the first time I am designing our classroom around a theme.  I picked sports because it appeals to girls and boys and I value to the concept of working as a team.  Here are some things I have picked up for the room: wall decals, a soccer bowl, popcorn cups, a baseball bank and double sided ball decorations for a bulletin board or hanging from the ceiling.  

I've been keeping an eye out for things related to this theme and checking blogs for sports themed classrooms.  Our jobs are going to be on baseballs and have the saying "Look who's pitching in".
The Inclusion teacher and I are going to be "Coaches" of  "Room 36".   I'm really excited to see how this year is different using a theme. 

Do you use a theme in your classroom? 


YearntoLearn said...

My room has a sports theme. I'm a 3rd grade teacher.

Some of my headings are:
Major League Math for my Math Focus wall
Batter Up for AR

Yearn to Learn Blog

Hadar said...

Cute! Of course I don't mind you using my bulletin board idea! That's why I shared it :) One of the teachers I subbed for years ago had a sports theme classroom. She had a Baseball Behavior chart for classroom management. She wrote the kids names (or numbers) on little bats and set up the poster to say "Homerun" where all the kids started for the day. If they were misbehaving they moved down to "strike 1" and so on. It worked really well. I'm thinking you can also use it like a clip chart, and even have kids clip up! So they could all start in "dug-out" and then they can clip up to "single", "double", "triple" and then "homerun"! Good luck with your new theme!

Miss Kindergarten
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Alysia Battista said...

I saw Michael's had lots of sports bubbles containers on sale for super cheap. They could hold game pieces! Also, you should google "Everyday Math Baseball Game" - my students loved that game!
Miss B, Busy Bee

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